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75A 600V Gray Forklift Battery Cable Connectors
75A 600V Gray High-current battery connector
75A 600V Gray Plug Lipo Battery Connector
75A 600V Gray Discharge Electric Plug Connector
75A 600V Gray Power Products battery plug connector

75A 600V Gray High-Power Connector

75A 600V Gray Plug Lipo Battery Connector. Designed for ultimate convenience, this connector is gender-neutral and color-matched, allowing for effortless plug-and-play functionality. 


Crafted with precision using high-quality PC injection molding, the connector boasts a flame-retardant V0 rating, ensuring utmost safety. It's not just durable, but also corrosion-resistant, oil-resistant, and impact-resistant, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

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75A 600V Power Connector Charging Plug


The connector features a unique dual-pin configuration within a single housing, streamlining connections with a consistent signal. These pins are thoughtfully designed for compatibility, accommodating both male and female ends of the connection. The use of silver-plated copper terminals enhances conductivity, guaranteeing efficient power transmission.


Experience seamless performance and reliable power transfer with the 75A 600V Gray Plug Lipo Battery Connector. Trust in its robust build and exceptional conductivity for your critical connections. Whether it's industrial applications or personal projects, this connector is the epitome of quality and versatility.



Product Name

75A 600V Power Connector Charging Plug

Rated current 75A
Rated voltage AC/DC 600V (Max)
Color Red/grey
Color Marking The rubber case has an anti misconnection function and is marked with different colors toprevent accidental circuit docking.
Flame retardant grade PC UL94 V-0
Material Shell material: PC (polycarbonate),    Contact terminal material: 99.99% pure copper and silver plated 
Conductive metal material silver plated copper,Choosing the corresponding terminal pins according to the size of the wire



75A 600V high current power connector

75A 600V electric forklift power connector

75A 600V power connector dimension drawing

75A 600V power connector application drawing

Established in 2013, GuangDong SED CO., LTD. operates from the heart of Chashan Town, Dongguan City. Over the years, our unwavering dedication to cutting-edge research in high-current connectors, battery connectors, fast-charging plugs, sockets, and related connection solutions has propelled us forward. Today, we stand as a beacon of national high-tech prowess, seamlessly blending research, development, production, and sales.


A Fusion of Vision and Ingenuity: Today, we proudly stand as a beacon of national high-tech prowess, seamlessly uniting research, development, production, and sales under one roof. Our journey is a testament to unwavering dedication and tireless pursuit of excellence.


Catalyzing Industries: Our impact spans diverse sectors that drive progress, including automobiles, electric vehicles, communication power supplies, medical equipment, energy storage batteries, handling equipment, and clean energy applications. SED is not just a provider; we're an engine of transformation, ushering in new possibilities in industries that mold the future.




1、SED brand advantage?

Support connector design mold customization, wiring customization, packaging customization, one-stop connector and wire harness overall solution

2、Service advantage?

24-hour online service, support online technical guidance services, engineering and technical personnel to provide solutions, return and exchange services

3、Are you a factory?

Yes, we have a factory located in Dongguan.  Welcome to visit us.

4、What is the MOQ?

The sample in stock is 1pcs; the price can be negotiated for bulk order.

5、Can I customize the size?

Yes, the power line can be customized according to your requirements.

6、What is your payment term?

We mainly request TT payment, T/T 30% deposit to confirm order and proceed before production, balance before shipment. Paypal and western union are acceptable for sample order.

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